Before School Care

The official time for playground supervision by most schools is 8.40 am. We provide safe, supervised care between the hours of 6.30 am and 9.00am, whereby children can be given breakfast and be actively engaged in activities and then safely transported to school before bell time.

After School Care

Providing safe, supervised care from 2.45pm to 6.00pm. Children will be collected from school by our educators and then safely transported to their Centre in our own bus where they are provided with afternoon tea and then actively engaged in structured crafts, games and sporting activities, as well as having free play time with friends.

Both our Before School and After School program promote and encourage the following:

  • Develop children’s’ capacity and access to play through a variety of adventure base activities;
  • Provide opportunities for safe social activity and play with peers while offering a balance of more organised activities;
  • Provide opportunities for fun, freedom, choice, individuality, new experiences, challenges and happy memories;
  • Offer access for children to social contacts outside the immediate family;
  • Promote the development of positive firming relationships with adults outside the family structure that focus on strength and reward autonomy;
  • Create opportunities for children to develop and improve their communication skills as well as inclusive and cultural awareness;
  • Offer a context for clear behavioural strategies to be implemented and developed;
  • Strive to fulfill our vision and provide peace of mind for families and chance “for kids to be kids”.

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