Co-ordinators, Katrina Adams and David Bourke have a wealth of experience in Childcare systems spanning more than two decades. Both are committed to working to bring National Childcare Accreditation Council Quality Assurance standards to their services.

OOSH Mission

“In a world gone made with rules and regulations, we help kids be kids”.

OOSH Core values

Time                            It’s a child’s only currency – help them spend it well

Trust                           We are given it, repay it with trustworthiness

Understanding       Listening gives perspective to decision making

Equality                     At OOSH everyone matters most

Freedom                    Choice is essential. Provide the knowledge to choose well

Creativity                  Seek expressive and fun opportunities for us all

Integrity                    Be true to yourself and others; even when no-one is watching



At Community OOSH Services, we follow the “My time our place” (MTOP) framework which builds on the Early Years Learning Framework EYLF and extends the principles, practices and outcomes to accommodate the contexts and age range of children attending the program. Community OOSH Services builds on the current existing understandings around the critical factors for the development and promotion of resilience in children:


  • Develop children’s’ capacity and access to play through a variety of adventure base activities
  • Provide opportunities for safe social activity and play with peers while offering a balance of more organised activities
  • Provide opportunities for fun, freedom, choice, individuality, new experiences, challenges and happy memories
  • Offer access for children to social contacts outside the immediate family
  • Promote the development of positive firming relationships with adults outside the family structure that focus on strength and reward autonomy
  • Create opportunities for children to develop and improve their communication skills as well as inclusive and cultural awareness
  • Offer a context for clear behavioural strategies to be implemented and developed
  • Strive to fulfil our vision and provide peace of mind for families and chance “for kids to be kids”.


Playing is a means of self-worth, a space of harmony, liberation and fulfilment of being, a possibility of becoming what you want to be, where creativity and spontaneity are above all. As well as providing care, Community OOSH Services gives your child opportunities to develop social, emotional and learning skills. The programme can be summarised in three essential characteristics:


  • It is not a formal and traditional program but a children’s group which offers unique adventure based activities.
  • Where we provide opportunities for children to engage in safe risk taking and experience challenge by incorporating “Life Skills” into our daily program.
  • It takes place in a world where everyday something different happens, based on choices children make.
  • All invented or to be invented games are exclusively done in order to the attendees/group members to recognize the important nature of playing.



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