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The enrolment process will take you through all the necessary steps to enrol your child/ren with Community OOSH Services for the first time. Please ensure you have your family CRN number, your children’s CRN numbers and emergency contact information for yourself and at least two other people prior to starting the enrolment process.

Please note the 5 steps of the enrolment process below is to be completed before your child can attend our service.

  1. Complete and submit the online enrolment application form ensuring you have provided your CRN numbers. You will receive an automated email response that your enrolment has been sent to us for processing.
  2. Within 2 days of submitting the enrolment you will receive a verification of your enrolment application via email from our office.
  3. After receiving this email from our office, you need to go onto your MyGov account and confirm that your child is now using our services. Centrelink will not apply any CCS until this has been completed. We need to confirm this has been done before you start using the service.
  4. After you confirm the enrolment on MyGov please email our office on or call us on 0466 306 220 to confirm your enrolment has been successful and that the CCS is applying to your account.
  5. We will check that your account has a status of “Confirmed by Guardian” and you will be right to start using the service.

PLEASE NOTE: This enrolment process is required to provide you the reduced rates of care based on your CCS percentage and your activity hours entitlement. If you’re considering using our service without applying for the Child Care Subsidy you will be required to pay the full rate of service and we may require “In Advance” payments to provide care.

Begin the Enrolment Process


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