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  • I authorise for a Community OOSH Services educator to collect my child from school if After School Care is required
  • I authorise for a Community OOSH Services educator to transport my child to school if Before School Care is required
  • I authorise for a Community OOSH Services educator to seek medical attention for my child in the event of an accident / emergency from a registered medical practitioner, hospital or ambulance service
  • I authorise Community OOSH Services to arrange transportation of my child by an ambulance service if required.
  • I have read the medical conditions & communications policy and agree to the conditions set out in these policies.
  • I accept that Community OOSH Services staff and directors will not be held responsible for any financial responsibilities from injuries sustained by my child / children listed on this form
  • I Authorise for the Co-ordinator / director to administer one dose of panadol to my child in the event staff are unable to contact either Parent / Guardian listed on this form
  • I understand that as part of the education program of the Centre I authorise for my child to participate in excursions from the Centre within the local community. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to be aware of the programmed excursions and the activities involved with the excursions. I further indemnify Directors and Employees from all actions, costs, claims and demands which may arise directly or indirectly from participation in an excursion by the said child out of the centre grounds.
  • I authorise for the educators at the centre to take photographs and videos of my child involved in play experiences for purposes of promoting the service as a high quality Centre. This involves Accreditation and Displays within the same, and inclusion on our website. I also give permission for the staff to display my children's date of birth on a Birthday Chart.
  • I authorise for my child/children to watch G and PG (parental guidance) rating videos, DVDs and Electronic Games whilst at the OOSH Centre.
  • I authorise for educators to assist my child/children to apply sunscreen or insect repellent as required.
  • I agree to contact Centrelink and nominate Community OOSH Services as the provider to receive the 50% child care rebate.
  • I acknowledge the program or excursions may vary occasionally and that any change will be noted daily on the front communications boards at each centre. I authorise for my child to participate in additional days programmed ie Pupil Free Days, Public Holidays if required
  • Should I have a grievance, I agree to follow the services grievance policy located on the Community OOSH Service website. I acknowledge that my child's position at OOSH may be jeopardised if I use any form of social media to address concerns.
  • I have read and agreed to the following policies pertaining to Community OOSH Services
  1. Behaviour Management Policy (found on our website at www.communityoosh.com.au)
  2. Parent Guide (found on our website at www.communityoosh.com.au)
  3. Policies in Practice (found on our website at www.communityoosh.com.au)
  • I agree to pay my monthly account in full each month. Fees for all services including excursions are charged to customers in arrears. A statement will be sent each month that details all usage. Full payment of the account is due each month within 30 days of the statement date. Fun factory (Toormina), PCYC and Korora statements are produced at the end of each month while Woolgoolga and Grafton statements are produced on the 15th of each month. Payments can be made by direct bank deposit, cheque or credit card payments over the phone to our administration area. In the event that my account may fall into arrears and no communication has occurred to make arrangements to settle the debt, the Community OOSH Services administrator will make every attempt to retrieve the fees (i.e two reminder letters and a telephone call). In the event the account remains unsettled and fees outstanding, they will release my details to a debt recovery officer
  • I will provide to Community OOSH Services evidence of an immunisation record for each child listed on this form

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We hope that your association with Community OOSH Services will be enjoyable for you and your child / children. If you have any questions, problems or concerns please don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff.

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