Dear Parents and Care Givers,

At Community OOSH Services we always endeavour to provide the highest quality care for your children at an affordable price. Our last fee increase was in December 2015 and we have held off passing on any increase for as long as possible. However, due to an increase in the national wage structures, and in line with CPI increases, there will be a slight increase to our charges.

Commencing in Term 3, (from 18 July 2017) the base rates of care before the application of Child Care Benefit (CCB) Child Care Rebate (CCR ) will be:-

  • Before School Care $14.50
  • After School Care $21.00
  • Vacation Care $48.00

We thank you for your continued support and trust your children enjoy their experiences with us.

Your Sincerely

Katrina Adams & David Bourke


Community OOSH Services


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