What Are the Hours of Operation?
  • Before School Care 6.30am – 9am
  • After School Care 2.45pm – 6.00pm
  • Vacation Care 7.00am – 6.00pm

It is essential parents realise that the hours are strict and children must be registered after the advertised times. We cannot accept responsibility for children who are dropped off earlier and collected later than these advertised times. A late collection fee is charged for collection after 6:00pm. This fee is currently $20.00 for the first 15 minute or part thereof. After this time the fee is $20.00 per 15 minutes until the child is collected.

How Much Will it Cost?

Depending on the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and activity hours a parent is entitled too, the out of pocket costs to parents can range from a few dollars to the full rate shown below. To find out more about the Child Care Subsidy please visit at  https://www.education.gov.au/ChildCarePackage

The standard full fees are $55 a day (Session) for an In Centre Vacation care day and $70 a day (session) for an excursion day.

Before School care is $15 a session and After School Care is $25 a session.

The cost of the service is directly linked to the Federal Government Child Care Subsidy.

What is the Child Care Subsidy CCS ?

From 2 July 2018 Families are able to apply for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to help with the cost of Child Care Fees. Families need to register with MyGov at https://my.gov.au/. More information can be found about the Child Care Subsidy at www.education.gov.au/ChildCare or on 136 150.

When Are Statements Issued?

Statements are issues every fortnight in arrears via email and corresponds directly to the CCS forntnight.  The outstanding amount is required to be paid in full within 30 days.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with your current email address to:-


How Do I Pay?

Fees for all services including excursions are charged to customers in arrears. A statement will be sent each month that details all usage. Full payment of the account is due each month within 30 days of the statement date. Payments can be made by B-Pay, direct bank deposit, cheque or credit card payments over the phone to our administration area.

How Will I Know If My Booking Has Been Successful?

Try to book as early as possible as we do book out extremely early, particularly in Vacation Care. A confirmation text (to your mobile phone) or email will be sent to you confirming your booking. If you have not received a reply within a week please contact our office on 0466 306 220. Families whose fee statements are up to date will receive first priority for children places.



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