Co-ordinators, Katrina Adams and David Bourke have a wealth of experience in Childcare systems spanning more than two decades. Both are committed to working to bring National Childcare Accreditation Council Quality Assurance standards to their services.

OOSH Mission

“In a world gone made with rules and regulations, we let kids be kids”.

OOSH Core values

Time – it’s a child’s only currency – help them spend it well
Trust – we are given it , repay it with trustworthiness
Understanding – lets always listen before we judge
Equality – at oosh ‘everyone’ matters most
Freedom – remember our ‘mission’
Creativity – seek expressive and fun opportunities for us all
Integrity – be true to yourself and others; even when no-one is looking.

OOSH Objectives

Essential Life skills – we are building them each day
Self-worth – improves the longer your with us
Experiences – what we are remembered for
Safety and security


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